Borenius has assisted the Finnish Paralympic Committee with the establishment of the new Paralympic Fund by providing both pro bono legal advisory services and a nest egg. In addition to benefiting and supporting sports for persons with disabilities and special needs, the goal of the new fund is to promote and develop equality in Finnish sports culture.

Borenius has served as the Finnish Paralympic Committee’s official legal adviser since 2013 and as a main partner since 2017. As the Finnish Paralympic Committee’s pro bono partner, Borenius has e.g. provided legal advisory services, assisted in the development of the procedures of classification in Paralympic sports and actively contributed to the legal discourse currently evolving around the equal treatment of athletes.

As the societal significance and visibility of parasports have increased in recent years, interest has similarly grown in establishing a new, more simple way to support parasports. The new fund is an answer to this long-standing need.

“Parasports have traditionally been at a disadvantage when it comes to support and visibility. This new fund will make it much easier and more convenient to support our athletes and parasports in general,” says Borenius’ Managing Partner Casper Herler.

“This is a long-term fund, and we want to thank Borenius for their massive support. Donations to the fund will benefit disability sports and the parasport family all the way from the grass roots to the top level,” says Secretary General Riikka Juntunen from the Finnish Paralympic Committee.

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The Paralympic Fund was established in August 2021 by the Finnish Paralympic Committee as a new way to support Finnish parasports. The Paralympic Fund operates under Suomen Urheilun Tukisäätiö similarly to the Olympic Fund. By donating to the Paralympic Fund, the donor can ensure that their support is directed to specifically benefit parasport culture and support persons with disabilities and special needs in their endeavours to excel in sports.